When Piano Calls You Back…

Ora Itkin — Educator, College Professor, Cultural Diversity Ambassador, Concert Pianist

Ora taught me to pay attention to not only to the technical details but to the emotions that each piece requires. What I love most about her is that she pushes me to play pieces that I thought were impossible. – Anh

I had stopped playing because I had so much anxiety around it and a lot of pressure had been put on me … Ora helped me see how the piano could be something that I do for me. I’ve really found a love for it. — Heather

She really cares and wants every student to do their best… I don’t think there’s any teacher who would have supported me more than Ora. — Amanda

I was just so happy to be playing again. I had developed a lot of insecurities from not playing for a long time, but despite all that, within a year of studying with Ora, I was participating in an adult concerto competition, and also playing in piano recitals, and started playing chamber music with other musicians. — Julia

The balance she strikes between challenging her students to do better and helping them enjoy the act of bringing music to life is unmatched. … Today I compose, improvise and perform with musicality, joy, enthusiasm and love for the arts, and I have Ora to thank for that. — Ben

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Ora Itkin | Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA
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