Testimonial Videos

Some of my students graciously shared their video testimonials with you. Please take a moment to hear their music and personal journeys to piano — you will be touched!


I had stopped playing because I had so much anxiety around it and a lot of pressure had been put on me … Ora helped me see how the piano could be something that I do for me. I’ve really found a love for it. — Heather


For me, any lesson with Professor Itkin is a journey of discovery…. The most magical is a journey to discover myself. — Hieu


I was just so happy to be playing again. I had developed a lot of insecurities from not playing for a long time, but despite all that, within a year of studying with Ora, I was participating in an adult concerto competition, and also playing in piano recitals, and started playing chamber music with other musicians. — Julia


The balance she strikes between challenging her students to do better and helping them enjoy the act of bringing music to life is unmatched. … Today I compose, improvise and perform with musicality, joy, enthusiasm and love for the arts, and I have Ora to thank for that. — Ben


I had stopped playing for 20, 25 years, and I started again with Ora Itkin, and it’s been opening my horizons in a very unpredictable manner, not just with my self confidence, but it has inspired me in my own teaching.. —Bruno


Ora taught me to pay attention to not only to the technical details but to the emotions that each piece requires. What I love most about her is that she pushes me to play pieces that I thought were impossible. — Anh


She’s very focused on me when we have lessons. I feel that I have 100% of her attention during the time that we work together. — Carl


She has been an amazing teacher. She is very good at using demonstration, imagery, metaphor to help with learning piano techniques and musicality. … It sems like magic, but she’s really just a great teacher. — Deborah


She’s very honest with me. She understands what I want to get out of music, and she helps me work towards that. — Joe


She really cares and wants every student to do their best… I don’t think there’s any teacher who would have supported me more than Ora.


My life is surrounded with music. If piano is your instrument, I suggest Ora Itkin. She is a very fine teacher. She’ll keep you focused, you’ll be producing new music. Go for it – best of luck. — Tom

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